For orders, please contact Philip or Nelly Trevelyan on
01751 417351 Home or 01751 417799 (Workshop and Mill).

Orders by e-mail to:

We are mainly milling our Wholemeal and  Creamy White flour (known as an 85% extraction) from wheat. We also mill a little of our home grown Rye. We supply flour in small bags (1.5 kg), but mainly to bakers who use substantial quantities of our 16kg bags .  All other requests for 1.5 kg bags have to be by special order.

We are currently growing Spring Wheat on our own farm and only importing other grains from organic producers in North and East Yorkshire. We consider this geographical limitation on the radius of our operations to be an important element in developing a local, sustainable future for us all.

Wholemeal and the Superior White (an 85% extraction)

Both these flours are milled from the same mix of wheat varieties grown in North and East Yorkshire. Currently, the varieties we are using in the mill include Paragon, Widgeon, Mulika and Edgar. These are good quality crops which we always mix  carefully to achieve a reliable and consistent product.

Our Organic Flour is supplied in 16 kg sacks on pallets

Superior White: this is an 85% extraction which means that 15% only of the bran, has been removed. Thanks to our beautiful Astrier mills, this is still a highly nutritious form of 'white flour'.

Wholemeal: this is simply the whole grain, milled and mixed to a smooth consistency by our specially patterned Astrier stones. If required by special order, we can mill our wholemeal to a rougher specification.

Although mainly used for bread, our flours can also be used very successfully for scones, pastries, egg-less and fat-less sponges, batters, pancakes, cakes and biscuits. It  also performs well in bread-making machines (although we do not approve !).

There is natural varietal and seasonal variation in the taste, texture and colour of bread made with our blended flours. This can be a reflection of the weather and soil conditions during crop growth, and is one of the factors that make locally grown foods like ours so enjoyable.

Bakers should allow plenty of time for proving /rising, to get the best volume. Reducing yeast by 50% can help achieve this, by slowing things down.