For orders, please contact Philip or Nelly Trevelyan on
01751 417351 Home or 01751 417799 (Workshop and Mill).

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We are currently growing Spring Wheat on our own farm and only importing other grains from organic producers in North and East Yorkshire, Lincolnshire. We consider this geographical limitation on the radius of our operations to be an important element in developing a local, sustainable future for us all. For the time being, this does not mean we cannot send out flour to bakers further afield....

Superior White: this is an 85% extraction which means that 15% of the bran only, has been removed. Thanks to our beautiful Astrier mills, this remains a highly nutritious form of 'white flour'.

Wholemeal: After removing the smallest, spikier grains on a gravity table, we mill our wholemeal from the bold grains only. Our specially patterned Astrier stones then mill and mix the grains to a smooth consistency that brings strength to the flour. If required, we can mill our wholemeal to a rougher specification.

There is natural varietal and seasonal variation in the taste, texture and colour of bread made with our blended flours. Certain varieties produce a lighter crumb than others, The weather and soil conditions during crop growth affect taste as well as the strength of our flours. These are some of the factors that make locally grown foods like ours so interesting and enjoyable.

Bakers should allow plenty of time for proving /rising, to get the best volume. Reducing yeast by 50% can help achieve this, by slowing things down.