Our Flour Products





For orders, please contact us by e-mail: hilltoporders2@gmail.com
You can also telephone Philip or Nelly Trevelyan on 01751 417351 (Home) or 01751 417799 (Workshop and Mill Office).

Our Flour Products

Superior White: this is an 85% extraction, which means that the outer layers of bran - 14-15% of the whole - have been removed. Thanks to our special mills, this is the most nutritious form of ‘white’ flour obtainable.

Wholemeal: After removing the smaller, lighter grains - using the gravity table) - our wholemeal is only milled from the boldest grains. We usually mill to a fine consistency unless coarseness is requested by a customer.

Dark Rye & Light Rye flour: Rye grows particularly well on our farm and its flour is beneficial in numerous ways - vitamins, fibre, cardio-vascular health etc. 'Dark' means wholemeal and 'Light' means an 85% extraction.

Bran: Straight from the mill, this is supplied in bags containing 10kg.

Brown 'Semolina': This is a mixture of fine bran and flour sieved from the extracted bran. It contains a high proportion of the finest bran particles and doesn’t easily make a milk pudding.