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We are sorry, but we are too busy to send to individual customers (or deal with callers at the mill during lock-down). Apart from our busy bakers, we are trying to supply the following local shops and distributors. You would need to order through them. Please try:

Kirkbymoorside: Summit Bakery & Wholefoods, Moorside Store.
Malton : the Scoops Ingredients Shop also Dales Fruit & Veg - who both deliver
Pickering: The Organic Farm Shop and The Old Weigh
Helmsley: Health Matters Health Food Shop and The Baker's House 8 Boro Gate.

Hill Top Farm lies on the limestone escarpment, four miles north of Kirkbymoorside. Part of the North York Moors National Park, the farm produces organic lamb and small acreages of cereals, growing milling wheat since 1975. In 2005 we decided to mill organically grown wheat, sourced from both our own and other farms in North and East Yorkshire. We aim to produce best quality flour in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way.

By milling local produce we minimise food miles, reduce transport costs, and create a mutually beneficial trading network between farmers, millers, bakers and customers. The enterprise is entirely organic (see Yorkshire Post article in Latest News).

Our grain is cleaned, using a traditional aspirated seed cleaner that removes the dust, chaff and other light material whilst separating grains by size through a series of reciprocating sieves. Further separation into lighter and heavier fractions (e.g. for wholemeal flours) can be achieved using our big gravity table.

We have four modern flour mills that use traditional stones made of a particular quality of granite, just over one metre in width. The top stones are mounted on adjustable heavy springs, making the quality of milling highly controllable. They are set in equipment designed by the revered Astrie brothers (from Castres in France) and were the first of their kind to be introduced to this country. They were built for us by “Aster” of Brittany. The stones are dressed in such a way that they are able to mill and mix the inner layers of the bran into our creamy white 85% extraction flour; when combined with the gentle milling speed, this means that our flours retain the maximum nutritional value of the whole grain.

For orders, please enquire at hilltoporders2@gmail.com Or try calling us on either - 01751 417351 or 01751 417799

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