Ex-Mill Prices ~ March 2021

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Please give us plenty of time to fulfil your orders. We require an email sent to us a week in advance: hilltoporders2@gmail.com

For collection or delivery call - 01751 417351 or 01751 417799

16kg Strong / Unbleached, 85% Extraction White Organic Flour - £17.50p

16kg Strong / Wholemeal Organic Flour - £16.50p

16kg Dark Rye - used mostly for added flavour - £17.50p

16kg Light Rye - £19.50p

10kg Bran - £8.00p

12kg Brown Semolina - £10.00p

We can supply some trade orders in 1.5kg bags (bakers and local outlets)

1.5kg 85% Extraction Organic White Flour - £2.50p.

1.5kg Strong Wholemeal Organic Flour - £2.50p

Home bakers can sometimes be supplied with 16kg bags ex-mill, if they collect by arrangement.

Substantial Orders - 10 to 40 16kg bags -  within a distance of 30 miles - can be dropped off by our van, at a cost of between £15 - £20.

Larger orders are distributed on pallets using Palletline. Depending on distance and quantity this costs £55 - £75 per pallet.

12 x 16kg = a quarter pallet
28 x 16kg = a half pallet
30+ bags = a full pallet with 50 being the greatest number of 16kg bags we can put on a pallet.

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