Ex-Mill Prices ~ March 2021

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Please give us plenty of time to fulfil your orders. We require an email sent to us a week in advance: hilltoporders2@gmail.com

Thanks to drought, war and the consequent scarcity of grain, we are going to have to put up our prices by £1 per bag.

Recent loads of grain are up by £100 per ton + an increase of between £5 and £10 per ton for moving it. There is talk of increases in grain prices of £200 per ton. Another cost is our Ecotricity bills, which are now doubling (+) and in an effort to reduce this burden, we are increasing our own direct photovoltaic supply by two measures with a total of 32 panels.

We are simply going to have to share the consequences of these high prices so that the trade between farmer, miller, baker, consumer can continue. If we don't look out, grain prices could become crazy in the near future, so we will be working with our farmers to try and keep prices sensible.

For collection or delivery call - 01751 417351 or 01751 417799

16kg Strong / Unbleached, 85% Extraction White Organic Flour - £19.00p

16kg Strong / Wholemeal Organic Flour - £18.00p

16kg Dark Rye - used mostly for added flavour - £19.00p

16kg Light Rye - £22.50p

10kg Bran - £9.00p

12kg Brown Semolina - £11.00p

We can supply some trade orders in 1.5kg bags (bakers and local outlets)

1.5kg 85% Extraction Organic White Flour - £2.75p.

1.5kg Strong Wholemeal Organic Flour - £2.75p

Home bakers can sometimes be supplied with 16kg bags ex-mill, if they collect by arrangement.

Substantial Orders - 10 to 40 16kg bags -  within a distance of 30 miles - can be dropped off by our van, at a cost of between £15 - £20.

Larger orders are distributed on pallets using Palletline. Depending on distance and quantity this costs £55 - £75 per pallet.

12 x 16kg = a quarter pallet
28 x 16kg = a half pallet
30+ bags = a full pallet with 50 being the greatest number of 16kg bags we can put on a pallet.

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