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Yorkshire Organic Millers
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Hill Top Farm is on the limestone escarpment, four miles north of Kirkbymoorside.  It is in the North York Moors National Park and produces organic lamb and small acreages of cereals. We have grown and supplied milling wheat since 1975 and in 2005 we started to mill. We now mill organically grown wheat, sourced from farms in North and East Yorkshire, and our goal is to produce the best quality food in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way.

By milling local produce we minimise “food miles”, reduce transport costs and are able to create a mutually beneficial trading network with farmers and producers. The enterprise is entirely organic and we therefore guarantee wholesome, high quality produce to our customers.

The grain is cleaned before milling, using a traditional aspirated seed cleaner that removes dust, chaff and other light material whilst separating grains by size through a series of reciprocating sieves. If necessary, further separation into lighter and heavier fractions can be achieved using a gravity table.

We have three mills that employ granite stones just over one metre in width: they are set in modern equipment designed and built by “Aster” of Brittany. The stones are mounted and dressed in such a way that they are able to mill and mix the germ and the inner layers of the bran with the rest of the flour. This means that the flour retains the maximum nutritional value of the whole grain.